Sports Represanting Rhodes island in Natwest Island Games
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Short Description
Archery is a new sport in Rhodes island, development is rapid and all due to the Island Games participation
Rhodes island has a long history in athletics with its athletes participating in world championships and the Olympics
A new sport in Rhodes island and Greece in general, Badminton is promissing
Very popular sport amongst young people, Basketball has many fans in Rhodes island
Long history with Italian roots, Rhodes has organized international cycling events in cycling
Football is very polular in Greece, and in Rhodes, many teams with dedicated fans all over the island
Set in a beautiful location our golf course has history, not very much developed yet as a sport though
Taught mainly in private schools, Gymnastics is starting development the past few years with promissing results
Being an island with plenty of sea, wind and sun, sailing is very popular with long history
Hunting is very popular in Rhodes island, lately competition shooting has become popular too
Squash has been popular but not as an organised competition sport. Development is under way for competition
Popular for all ages, we take pride for our swimming pool set in a beautifull location in town center
With long history the sports has been revived the past years thanks to the Island Games organisation
Popular sport with good development with history, volleyball is promissing
One of the most popular sports in Rhodes, with anual international competitions

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