Table Tennis in Rhodes Island
Diagoras court where the 2007 Rhodes Island Games table tennis event is scheduled to be held
Table tennis starts its history in Rhodes island from 1929 when ROA (Tennis club of Rhodes) was established. It started as a hobby for tennis players and reached its peak arround the 80's with competition team development and activities. ROA employed a coach (Takis) who was a first division player and moved in Rhodes island permanently.

Many young players were developed at the time with participation in national team events. After the departure of Takis and many of the players the sport experienced a long pause in competition activities only to be revived after Takis Michailidis (president of Rhodes Island Games Association) actions in 2002.

Together with George Tsakalos and ROA, they re-organised the sport starting off with competition supplies, young player development and the re-introduction of the sport to Rhodes community. Today, the sport is very active and day by day it becomes one of the most popular sports amongst the young people.
HighSchool Competition organised by ROA and Rhodes Island Games Association in 2004
The first ROA team event after the sport revival was the Guernsey 2003 Island Games event, where we took the 9nth place! This was a great success for table tennis and gave us the courage to continue the hard work in developing the sport in Rhodes Island.

The team consisted of 4 veteran players: George Tsakalos, Lazaros Teloglou, Aggeliki Kavatha and Emmanouil Filippou. Unfortunatelly at that time these were the only active players in the island with competition experience, but with their contribution to the sport in many different ways, we are looking today at a very promissing future for the sport.

In the next Island Games competition, the team event will be consisted of George Tsakalos, Lazaros Teloglou, Ageliki Kavatha, two of our best young boys and one young girl. The new members of the team will be selected amongst the best and most promissing players available.

Check out some pictures from the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Greek table tennis team
CLICK HERE for pictures of the doubles team: Kreanga - Gionis
Photographs Kindly provided by Digital Photography Community, photographer sfr

For more information on Table Tennis in Rhodes Island, please contact:

Emmanouil Filippou
Table Tennis Coordinator

Tel: +30 22410 43053
Fax: +30 22410 43054

George Tsakalos
Table Tennis Team Manager and Coach

Tel: +30 6937895314

Coach George Tsakalos with Yusuf and other young players at the Highscool tournaments Takis Michailidis (RIGA) with the winners in the team highschool event in 2004 - 1st place team HighSchool Competition organised by ROA and Rhodes Island Games Association in 2003
Tribute to Takis Michailidis for his contribution in the development of Table Tennis in Rhodes - Alexis - Takis - George (from left to right) Winners of the 2003 ROA Open Tournament - All veteran players in Rhodes island ROA facilities and the 2003 Open Tournament event
National Leaque team competition in Crete 2003 Aggeliki Kavatha and Lazaros Teloglou at the Guernsey 2003 island games Guernsey and the Table tennis social event - table tennis is FUN!!!

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