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Rhodes Ancient Acropolis
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Rhodes port entry - Its believed that the Colossus of Rhodes was standing there
Rhodes island has a rich history throughout the centuries, it has always been a prime location due to the excellent weather, scenery and climate. From ancient times (Kamiros, Lindos, Ialyssos, Rhodes) to medieval (Knights Castle, old fortified town, several castles & forts around the island) to current times (Italian occupation architectural heaven!) Rhodes island has well preserved monuments for unlimited sightseeing. Several villages offer current local history and pure local produce for fine mediteranean dining.

Sports available include: Golf course at Afandou, scuba diving, windsurfing, water ski, water parachuting, go-karting, largest waterpark in europe!, bungee jumping, beach volley, tennis, table tennis, racquetball, polo, swimming, mini golf, car racing, motorcycle racing, climbing, sailing, horse riding, soccer, 5x5 soccer, basketball.

Beaches in Rhodes are all around the island, and they are all beautiful and unique. The visitor may find his own personal beach, a populated beach, remote or close to his/her accommodation. Organised beaches have kiosks for food & beverages as well as organised sports & water-sport facilities (Elli, Faliraki, Tsambika, Kolymbia, Ialyssos, Ixia, Lindos, Prasonisi, Afandou, Kalithea and more)

Entertainment and Dining in Rodos has been very popular for many years. Many bars, pubs, clubs will enhance your nightlife with many different styles to fit your style. Art galleries, National and local museums, theatres, exhibitions, shows will satisfy your artistic needs. Restaurants and fast foods with local and international cuisine, specialising in fresh fish, meat, pizza, gyro meals of the finest quality will fulfil your appetite needs. Annual events (cultural and sports events) are held regularly on the island and in most cases are spectacular. So make sure you visit the island during an event to taste the culture of Rhodos.

Other Sites to visit are: Butterfly valley, Water Park, Seven Springs, Filerimos, Nifi Spring in Salakos, Profitis Ilias, Ataviros, Embona and more...

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